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Girl Guide's Event

The Girl Guide's Event took place on December 9th at the Fanshawe College Aviation Campus located at the London Airport.

With roughly 40-50 girls participating the event was a great success!

The event was initaially proposed by Haley Whitelaw. She approached us at the London Airshow where we (the Maple Leaf 99's) had our booth set up. She is involved with the Aviation program at Fanshawe College and also has family in the Girl Guides. We exchanged information and decided to collaborate an event! She had access to the facility which was perfect. We opened up the event to multiple Chapters for volunteers as well as students of Haley's.

We had several activity stations:

  • A "Walk-Around" doing a Preflight Check

  • A game of Simon Say's using Airmashalling signals

  • A craft/makers room where girls decorated their airplanes and made their own paper airplanes

It was an amazing event!

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