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Fly-ins, celebrations and events of the year

We had tons of exciting events happening in 2023!

* January - Zoom Presentation

* February - Tubing at Boler Mountain, London

* March - Tour of Diamond Factory

* April - Tiara Tea at Cathy's

* June - Let's Fly Now event

* June - Summer Solstice in Leamington

* July - Flying Scavenger Hunt

* August - Pool & Hangar Party in Brantford

* September - London Airshow & MAG Aerospace Tour

* October - Witch's Walk on Pelee Island

* November - AGM

* December - Christmas Party


Winter Tubing Family Fun Day

Bolar Mountain London

Many chapter members and their families met at Boler Mountain in London for a day of winter fun.
It was a great day!

Zoom Presentation

February 28th

Online Zoom Call

Our chapter hosted a zoom presentation with special guest, Kim Winsor! Kim has an incredible story and she shared it with us.

We were really looking forward to this one!

Kim Winsor zoom.jpeg

Let's Fly Now

Brantford Airport

June 3rd

Our chapter hosted our very own Let's Fly Now event on June 3rd! Our members supported and the ground and in the air, taking many girls and women up for a free introductory flight! Special thanks to chapter member, Cailyx for all of her hard work in making this day possible!

A blog is posted on our website with pictures and details from this special day!

LFN Poster.jpg

Hangar Party

Chapter member, Cathy Boyko hosting a hangar party on Sunday, July 16th at her hangar CNQ3!

Cathy's Hangar Party 2023.webp

July 16


Pool Party and Wine & Cheese Event

Calyx' House - Pool Party
Brantford Airport - Sunset Wine & Cheese Event

July 21

The Maple Leaf Chapter was excited to announce our first official events of the summer! We had two fun activities planned for July 21st!

Chapter member, Cailyx hosted a pool party at her house!

The Brantford Airport hosted a Sunset Wine & Cheese event, A blog is posted about this event!


wine and cheese 2.jpeg
Pool Party!

London Airshow

London Airport

September 8th, 9th & 10th

The London Airshow had a great turnout with lots of help from volunteers and an amazing booth setup. It was great to watch all the aircraft

london airshow.jpeg
london airshow2.jpeg

Girl Guides Event


Fanshawe College Aviation Campus - London Airport

December 9th

An interactive event held for young girls involving aviation games and activities to peak their interest in flight was held at the London Airport. Many volunteers from other Chapters and students were involved. A blog post with more detailed information is available to read.

Annual Christmas Party

Katana Kafe - London Airport

 A great end to the year 2023 with the annual Christmas Party at the Katana Cafe in London

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