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Above the Clouds


We love celebrating the successes of our members!

Make sure to send us yours and include a picture


Member Awards, Milestone and Ratings - 2024

January 30th - Kristy Robbins - Flight Instructor Rating

February 3rd - Cailyx Madensky - Night Rating

February 4th - Debbie Anderson - Rec. Pilot Permit

February 8th - Alivia Chanyi - Type Rated; First Officer on the CRJ

Debbie Anderson
Recreational Pilot Permit


Enjoy your new freedom to fly!

Alivia Chanyi
Type Rated; First Officer - CRJ


Congratulations Alivia! We are so proud!

Kristy Robbins Flight Instructor Rating


Congratulations on completing your Flight Instructor Rating!

Cailyx Madensky
Night Rating


Congratulations Cailyx!


Member Awards, Milestone and Ratings - 2023

February - Kaitlyn MacLeod - CPAER Exam

March 16 - Alivia Chanyi - Group 1 Multi IFR
March 31 - Kaitlyn Perl - Cross Country for PPL
April - Jessika Michalski - First Wings Scholarship
May - Summer Papple - Zimmer Air; New Brunswick

June 24 - Alivia Chanyi - Jazz Airlines
June 24 - Kaitlyn Perl - PPL
July 5 - Kristy Robbins - CPL
Aug 23 - Michelle Gagnon - Long XCountry with her son

Sept 1 - Shazia Montgomery - CPL

Shazia Montgomery completed her CPL, and won Northern Lights Scholarship!

Congratulations Shazia, great accomplishment

Kaitlin Perl Earns her PPL!!

Kaitlyn Perl - PPL.jpg

Congratulations Kaitlin!! One accomplishment after the other, enjoy your wings!

Kaitlin Perl Completes First Cross Country Flight

Kaitlin Perl.jpg

Congratulations Kaitlin! She flew from CYQS - CYQG - CYZR - CYQS!

Alivia Chanyi passed her Group 1 IFR flight test - March 2023

FullSizeRender 3.HEIC

Alivia passed her flight test and finished flight training!

Kristy Robbins completes her Multi-Engine Rating - June 2022

Kristy Robbins.jpg

Kristy completed her Multi-Engine Training this month!

Congratulations on this incredible achievement!

Shazia Earns her PPL and passes her CPL exam!
- May & June 2022


Shazia earned her Private Pilot Licence and passed her CPL written exam!

Congratulations on these amazing accomplishments!

Summer Papple purchased Wingham airport (CPR7)!

Summer - CPR7.jpg

Summer purchased Wingham airport in January 2022 and celebrated its grand opening in May!

Very exciting!

Judy Cameron named to the Order of Canada - December 29, 2021

Judy Cameron.jpg

Judy Cameron is Air Canada's first female Captain.

This year, she was named to the Order of Canada!

Alivia Chanyi completes her 300nm Cross Country!

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 17.31.36.png

Congratulations to Alivia on this incredible milestone! 8.4 hours of flight time and one step closer to her CPL!

Alicia Campbell earns her PPL Licence - October 13th, 2021

Congratulations to Alicia on achieving her PPL! Blue skies ahead!

Paige Wakelin Completes PPL Flight Exam - October 12, 2021

Congratulations to our New member Paige on completing your PPL Flight Exam. 
So much work goes into reaching this major milestone - Way to Go! 

Brenda Jolly earns her Private Pilot Licence ~ November 5th, 2021

Congratulations to new chapter chair Brenda on earning her PPL! Your determination and perseverance is so inspiring! Blue skies ahead!

Alivia Chanyi Will Be a First Officer for Jazz Aviation!

Jazz - Alivia.jpg
Alivia - Jazz.JPG

Congratulations on this accomplishment and new experience, Alivia!

Member Awards, Milestone and Ratings - 2021-2022

October 2021 – Paige Wakelin – PPL licence
October 2021 – Alicia Campbell – PPL licence
November 2021 – Brenda Jolly – PPL licence
November 2021 – Alivia Chanyi – 300NM Cross country

December 2021 – Rita Richter – Dee Birchmore award

January 2022 – Summer Papple – purchase Wingham Airport

March 2022 – Edie Craddock – Multi IFR rating

September 2022 – Kaitlyn MacLeod – PPL Licence and night rating

March 2022 – Edie Craddock – FAA Foreign Pilot licence
April 2022 – Mary Wright – CPL written exam
April 2022 – Debbie Anderson – first solo

May 2022 – Shazia Montgomery– PPL Licence
May 2022 - Kaitlyn Perl – first solo
May 2022 – Eleri Williams – PPL Licence
May 2022 – Lisa Bishop - 1230NM Cross country to Newfoundland with Suzanne Wiltshire

June 2022 – Shazia Montgomery – CPL written exam

June 2022 – Kristy Robbins – Multi engine rating
June 2022 – Alivia Chanyi – Webster memorial trophy finalist

June 2022 – Cathy Boyko – Airplane wins “Most Outstanding Ercoupe” at the 2022 Ercoupe Owners Club . National Convention

July 2022 – Alivia Chanyi – CPL Licence
July 2022 – Kaitlyn Perl – PPL written exam
September 2022 – Kristy Robbins – Group 1 Instrument rating

October 2022 – Cailyx Madensky – 300NM cross country

October 2022 – Summer Papple – 737 Type Rating
October 2022 – Jessica Buscher – Ercoupe now airworthy :)

October 2022 – Kristy Robbins – 300NM cross country

Kaitlyn MacLeod earns her PPL and Night Rating

Congratulations to new member, Kaitlyn for her accomplishments in her flight training! Welcome!

Mary Wright passes her CPL exam! - April 2022


Mary Wright passed her commercial written exam this past month, April 2022!

Congratualtions on this incredible achievement, Mary!

Rita Richter wins Dee Birchmore Butterfly Award - December 2021

rita award1.jpg
rita award2.jpg

Rita Richter was awarded the first Dee Birchmore Butterfly award. 

Given to a woman who began her aviation pursuits later in life and shows active involvement in the 99s and support and mentorship of new women pilots.

Edie Craddock buys Twin Engine Plane - December 2021

Congratulations Edie on your beautiful new Aztec! 
Can't wait to see you fly it into one of our events! 

Summer Papple earns ATPL - January 17th, 2021

I set my goals on this licence almost 2 years ago and during my time flying Medevac; I spent every spare moment studying for exams. I can't count the number of northern Manitoba airstrips where I sat in the plane studying, often in the middle of the night by a headlamp, waiting for our nurse to return to the plane with a patient to transport. I wrote thee ATPL exams last fall in Hamilton and Winnipeg and then just focused on flying - I had 2 years after completing the exams to reach the 1500+ hours required to apply for the licence.

Jessica Buscher buys 1946 Ercoupe - October 2020

This past fall, I purchased a 1946 Ercoupe just like the one that I have helped fly in a number of air rallies with the 99s. I am inspired by Emily Crombez, who supported her pilot training by working in the tobacco fields in her early day. It is my ulterior motive for working!

Emily Crombez on Commemorative Stamp - June 19th, 2020

The 2020 stamp celebrates Emily Crombez in the midst of her aviation career, honouring her as the first Canadian female pilot to crew the CL-415 waterbomber. The ceremony was held at CYTB in Tillsonburg.

Michelle Gagnon earns Private Pilot Licence - November 11th, 2020

I did it! I am a private pilot!! All the hard work and stress have paid off! This was the most fun I've had being completely outside my comfort zone. None of it came easily or naturally. I worked hard for every little bit of this licence. It is mine - Happy happy joy joy!!

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