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Website Renovation - 2023

Happy New Year everyone!

2023 will be full of exciting events, get-togethers, fly-ins and much more for the Maple Leaf Chapter! I have just added the finishing touches to our chapter website to keep you updated on chapter events, opportunities and achievements!

There are many local events also happening this year! By clicking directly on the 'Events' tab instead of clicking a year, you will see the dates of the London Airshow, the Snowbirds Airshow and much more!

We are making plans for events and putting together some very exciting projects for this year! We have a newly created Education & Outreach Committee, as well as we are hosting our very own 'Let's Fly Now' event. More details are to come for both!

I will also be adding information from other chapters, the East Canada Section and other organizations for information on scholarship and networking opportunities as they are announced

Wishing everyone a great year ahead!

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